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Web Development / Website Development - How Parmartek Solutions can help you with all your development needs

With Years of experience we know that, there are times when a web development project goes skewed. Usually, the fault is not with the technical expertise of the involved parties, but rather with the communication between all the individuals associated with the project. A trustworthy web development and web design company will not only have an experienced web development team, but also a proven method of handling the website development project from its first initial contact to the final deployment of the web development project. Without a structured approach, specific timescale and a task list, there is a great risk that the website development project will fall into a so called blindfolded sense of direction.

It is Important to highlight that website development is not simple, straightforward line that goes from start to finish. Any fully functional web development projects will run into many complications before it reaches its goal. Without a clear guidance and approach, a horde of factors can go wrong; resulting in increase of overhead or dispute between Website Development Company and the client can disprove the entire project. With us here at Parmartek Solutions, we have fine-tuned these processes and come up with a website development plan that encourages simplicity of Web Development as well as clear communication between everyone involved and ensure that we build your website, just like how we would like ours to be built.

Our website development project plan involves five meeting sessions of communication, each with its own distinct goals, however we know that at times this cannot be enough and requires more. More than often we have managed to deliver website project in time by following the:

Communication Meeting Session:

At this meeting session, we consult with you on the required scope and timeframe of the website development project. We would gather clear instructions down to the smallest detail and come to an agreement with you on what functionality is required, necessities, and content of the website which is the most important aspect.

At this point we would also like to know and have a clear idea, so that we can guide our web development team in the right direction. It is important to us that you are fully aware of what we are going to do for your web development project. We will also discuss all the necessary resources and requirements of the website development project and come to an agreement. A large amount of communication will be done through emails and any communications that are done over the phone will be noted down.

  • Meeting Session Goals
    • Come up with timetable based on required scope for the length of the website development project.
    • Estimation of the cost of your bespoke website development project.
    • Summary of your business needs and priorities for website development project.
    • Initial draft of the bespoke website development plan.

Blue Print Meeting Session:

At this meeting, between both parties, we will iron out and agree upon all the prices, timeframe, and resources needed for your website development project. The website development team will start working on the think process, concept of the designs and bespoke website development templates. This will later become the foundation from which bespoke web development will happen. In every step we will communicate and give you overall ideas of how we envision your website to function via reports and briefs.

  • Meeting Session Goals
    A revised and more detailed website development project plan with web development
    processes and website development procedures on paper with:
    • A brief of the technical aspects required for the website development project.
    • A brief of the design layout for your website.
    • Rough draft of the content for the pages of your website.

Visualization Meeting Session:

All masterminds masterpiece starts with an idea, and with website development; every website begins with a spark of creativity from our talented website development professionals. They go thorough rims and rims of thought process and come up with the finest look to illustrate your company; we envision the interpretation of your company’s product and values into a bespoke website layout and web design. Everything about your bespoke website development, from colour scheme to graphic design icons, will be carefully thought out and tested. This will reassure significance, compatibility, and excellence. Our small website development project goals such as attractive visuals and vibrant content are taken to our soul and it continues the same for our long term website development project goals for instance updating difficulty and website loading. We want you to engage with us on the web development project. Approve the prototype that we have created for you, before we move to the next step of the website development process.

  • Meeting Session Goals
    • Graphic design interface and sample templates.
    • Proposed content matrix for each specific page of your website.
    • A flowchart of your bespoke website development, starting from the Home page to contact us form to sitemap page of your website.
    • Uploading the prototype website on our servers for your feedback, review and testing.

Support Meeting Session:

At this occasion we reach at the final destination of the website development process, you will be presented with your completed bespoke website. We go over the functionality and features within your website. If we can’t answer any technical questions then our website development teams professional will answers all your questions regarding on how to operating the website. We will also allow any minor last-minute changes or minor additions at your request. We highly recommend and strongly encourage our clients to move forward into our website maintenance program for your bespoke website.

  • Meeting Session Goals
    • Complete delivery satisfaction of our client’s.
    • Website maintenance consultation and plan.

Skills and Technology Meeting Session:

Simply navigating a website on the web is a laborious task in itself. Programming and developing a bespoke ecommerce website for navigation flaw process on the Internet is ten times more difficult. Bespoke ecommerce web development takes technical expertise, strong flavour of teamwork, and precision to detail in order to put together any website.

A well-developed vehicle, infect if we take any product, it is not once formed by accident. It always leads to a single individual or a creative team with drive, vision and a strong mind to achieve the target. Parmartek Solutions Website Development Company can agree with it when it comes to any custom website or bespoke website created by us.

When it comes to web development of a website, we do not believe in any of terms that involves the word "luck / lucky" or "accident / accidently" on our website development projects life cycle. However we do ensure everything is planned accurately in advance and the website development team is selected wisely to balance and focus on the website development project.

All our team professionals here at Parmartek Solutions website Development Company are among the top brightest in their respective fields, from HTML to .NET and C sharp(C#). Before even the time when we started, Parmartek Solutions website development company Coventry, UK has endlessly enhanced and excelled in the newest applications technology and programming languages so that we can provide the highest quality of finished website and most up-to date advanced service for our clients.

If you are an enterprise or an organisation that is looking to Outsource Bespoke Website Development & eCommerce Website Development, then look no further. You are in the right place! Use our get in touch page and make that initial contact.

Web Development / Website Development - How Parmartek Solutions can help you with all your development needs