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Parmartek Solutions offers IT and Website Maintenance Services

Web development and Website design is not the closure of a project between Parmartek Solutions and our relationship with our client’s. We work very closely with every individual client of ours and guide them in the maintenance of their website. This goes on to bring a reduction in the cost and increase in the bottom line for your business. You don’t need to employ a full time website designer or web content programmers with high end costs attached to them as well as your current employees don’t need to be web maintenance trained.

Parmartek Solutions lets you to focus on your core business; which you are the master of and enhance your competitive edge in the market. With our web maintenance program, this is possible as you don’t have to worry about your website maintenance services or content management system (CMS) when you have delegated it to us. We know how much your website means to you, just like a how much a child means to their parents and therefore we will make sure it get the right development it requires, just like a pre-school preparing your child for reception school and main school.

The services that Parmartek Solutions offers in website maintenance are:

  • Updating the website with new content, amending existing content and removal of unwanted content, if required.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) site maintenance.
  • Link analysis to ensure that the website has no broken links and allow search engines to crawl your website.
  • Image maintenance and addition to ensure that the images used throughout the website are correctly displayed and there are no broken links to the images. (Images supplied by Client or our designed Images at very low cost).
  • Newsletters and email list maintenance.
  • eShopping (ecommerce) product updates and maintenance.
  • Creating and writing PDF documents and uploads.
  • Overall ensuring the website is fully functional and if not then, ensuring to make it functional.
  • Error tracking and fixing website generated errors to ensure the website is viewable on all modern web browsers.
  • Providing website analytical statistics based on the number of visitors visiting the website.

Supplementary Website Facilities

Supplementary website design and web development facilities include:

  • Copywriting for websites - creating authoritative content that will get your website visitors engaged from the start (remember your website has only 8 seconds to get their attention!). When we write the content we can also give consideration to SEO (search engine optimisation).
  • Obtaining the right Image – If you feel that you have no time or skills to source the images that you require for your website or other items then don't worry, we can help you source the images.
  • Website integration – If you just need to add a few 'bits here and there’ on your site, we can help you with that as well. No problem! There are all sorts of cool plug-ins and web apps available on the market today - third party software’s.
  • Website Consulting – There is never a right time to do this. 9 out of 10 times I have been asked when is the right time to have our website reviewed. Our answer is very simple, There is no such time frame;
    • If you feel that your website is losing interest then in this case it is the right time.
    • If you feel that you have not had any feedbacks from your website, then I would say it’s the right time.

    Having said this, we can review your website and identify key areas of your website that requires attention, website usability, statistical analysis of website data, staff training and much more.
Parmartek Solutions offers IT and Website Maintenance Services