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eCommerce Solution and Website consultancy

Having years of experience and knowledge in consulting innovative ecommerce website design, web development projects and as a consultancy services, we can say with confidence that Parmartek Solutions is a perfect match when your business requires handling of web project.

Nine out of ten times, online users and online shopping consumers will be loyal to explicit websites, one they have used before and a brand that they can trust. From the start to finish, online shoppers will look at product search ability and the flow across and finally the secure checkout process. These factors should not be taken lightly as it builds the online consumer experience as well as give them assurance of buy online and most important retaining their trust to comeback for more.

Generally online shoppers aggravated because they could not find it in the shops or the price is too high and they want the item then and there and for those reasons your business has no more than eight seconds to win their trust and your business brands first impression. The Key question is how does your business push all the right buttons? Well this is the time where we can assist to your online business to run effectively and answer these types of questions.

Open source technology, development and hosting

Throughout the years and vast experience we have recommended the use of open source technology, wherever it’s viable to meet our clients’ needs and business processes. It is extremely flexible and cost effective eCommerce solutions in the current market. Our eCommerce package gives our developing team the ultimate platform for growth as well as customisation that is trustworthy and utilise the open standard framework.

Parmartek Solutions can assist with migration of your current online business and integration with our ecommerce package; alternatively we can develop a brand new website for your business from scratch and integrate our eCommerce website design package using our strategic expertise.

Website design and web development for eCommerce solutions:

Our articulate design and development team has immense knowledge and experience when it comes to adept conversion optimisation techniques and applying best practices whilst balancing good design and your brand accuracy that has the capability to sell your products and services online.

Our team of experts can help represent your brand identity online without comprise and yet ensure a profitable website that will give your business return on investments. We have spent a huge amount of time doing research and end user testing on our ecommerce package, shopping basket and checkout processes to ensure that they meet up with our high standards, logical approach and one that is user friendly. We are always striving to improve our processes and with our new add-on “1 click express checkout solution” has shown positive results among online shoppers and boosted revenue of our client’s online business.

Website development and web design digital strategy for ecommerce:

Like any other online business project approach, your ecommerce digital strategy should not be taken lightly as it plays a very important part when it comes to investments for your new online business. This is as important as to learn how to walk before starting to run, and therefore outlining your business objectives and setting KPI’s is the first step, with us; this may consist of increase in online sales revenue and your online brand exposer which will increase profit.

Measuring online metrics and KPI plays a significant part for e-business owners; it allows them to monitor their online shop success. This is essential for your ecommerce digital strategy help to improve performance of your online business and the running of digital campaigns.

Secure Hosting Service and Secure Payment Solutions:

With delivery of our eCommerce solution and hosting service you can relax and be confident about reliability of your secure system which can effectively respond to high traffic loads to your online business and one that is fully accessible. Our Secure hosting package allows online users to buy from your online business website with confidence providing Payment Card Industry (PCI) a secure checkout following comprehensive PCI security compliance standards.

Get the exposer to eCommerce form the eyes of Mobile devices:

We have seen a vast increase on shoppers online who use their mobile devices and other smart phones such as iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Blackberry and so on through mobile applications (Mobile App) or responsive website. Our Mobile device developing experts can assist with creating a cost effective mobile experience for your business brand.

If you would like to discuss your ecommerce or current online business, you can do so by visiting our get in touch section of the website, or call: 0742 524 7932.

eCommerce Solutions, We can provide you with that