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SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Parmartek Solutions' SEO Search Engine Optimisation service offers enhanced visibility of your website; you can get supreme targeted traffic, growth in return on investment with our structured SEO Search Engine Optimisation campaign. Our SEO services are offered as customized service as per your unique requirements, keeping in perspective long term business goals. Our SEO Search Engine Optimisation expert’s team of professionals at Parmartek Solutions are always striving to maximise your profits through Internet marketing and search engine placement. Our comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation SEO process ensures an online presence that spells success.

Our SEO package incorporates the following:

Rival Analysis:

We perform systematic research on the top ranking rival websites to detect the unique variables of your business of which are factored by the search engines to calculating rankings.

Keywords Study:

Identifying the right keywords for your search engine Optimisation (SEO) program is one of the most important characteristics when it comes to website promotion. Accomplishing great search engine rankings or search engine placements for inappropriate keywords influence will not do any miracles to develop your business. Therefore, our experienced SEO consultants takes the speculation work out of keyword research by using top performance tools, which tell us which key phrases or words search engine users regularly use when searching online to find your products and services.

Pre-Optimisation Analysis:

We offer you with a preliminary ranking report of your current website on the keywords that you want your website to be optimised for. This is a good way of comparing the SEO rankings of a particular keyword after completion of the search engine optimisation process.

Meta Data Optimisation:

Parmartek Solutions has effective design strategy to accommodate your most important keywords throughout your website and attentive Meta Keywords on the key areas of your web site. We will ensure that well researched Meta data compliment your website as well as the layout of your website in general and drive relevant traffic.

Designing robots.txt:

The robots.txt page plays a key factor when it comes to limiting wasted bandwidth that gets used up by discouraging spiders. We can produce and maintain your robots.txt file to assure that only significant robots are allowed to your site.

Internal Link Optimisation:

A well-structured interior linking helps the search engines in crawling all the pages on your website and index them appropriately. This will then ultimately boosts the search engine rankings of your web pages. We will offer to write a copy which can be incorporated onto your website or make the relevant changes to your existing content and navigation to ensure that links to other pages of your website are strategically link.

Search Engine friendly Sitemap Design:

A well-structured sitemap helps your website visitors and search engines to navigate your web site and generally, this is an overlooked aspect of the website design. More than often, important pages of a website go unnoticed, hence an optimised site map can assist to direct search engine spiders to these pages also known as (deep pages or deep links) for better indexing. Our SEO consulting experts can design custom optimised sitemaps for all dynamic as well as static websites. A helping hand on Deep Submission strategy can ensure the indexing of the inner pages Implementation and Spider Trailer to detect spider visits.

Decent Submission to all Major Search Engines:

Website Directory Submission is a quality and effective way to increase one way incoming links to your website. A search engine responsive web directory will add a direct static link to your site so, when the search engines crawl, your link, it is counted to benefit you with increased SEO rankings. These links will help strengthen your link popularity on the web. We will by hand submit your website to top search engine responsive web directories.

Link Exchange Campaign for Higher SEO Rankings:

When it comes to your website promotion, Reciprocal Link Building can demonstrate one of the most valuable methods for your website. We can offer effective link building campaign that has the influence to drive a vast amount of relevant traffic to your website. Re-Submission of SEO can maintains top Search engine rankings of your website. Re-Optimisation and tweaking can help improve Search Engine Placements.

Optimisation of Individual number of web pages:

Our SEO service offers individual number of web pages and also Identification of potential spider stoppers or suffering sections on the website page.

Beyond the SEO Campaign:

If your website stops performing, this does not mean that we stop. Our experienced professionals are here to offer you guidance by email and phone assistance on your search engine Optimisation campaign. We strive for your website to perform well.

Endorse Your Online Presence with Website Marketing:

Just by creating a website is not sufficient to make it popular. Be acknowledged with our Online Marketing. Parmartek Solutions can offer a complete Web Marketing Services to promote your website on the web. We have provided Website Advertising Solutions to number of business and enterprises globally. Our Web Marketing team of professionals combines all facets of search marketing to produce response from your website audience.

With years of experience in online marketing Parmartek Solutions SEO specialises in website marketing services. We core focus of web marketing including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Paid Advertising (PPC), Web Submissions, Banner Advertising and Affiliate Marketing. Our expertise does not end here; we also have expertise in Link Building, Content Writing and Optimisation to support you on enhancing as well as boosting your website ranking and relevant traffic towards your website. Our online marketing service does take into account for both creative and technical facets of the internet which include Web Design, Website Development, Online Advertising and eMarketing.

Our Marketing Service Range:

  • Organic Search Engine Optimisation – (SEO)
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Pay Per Click advertising – (PPC Campaigns)
  • Online PR Link Building – (forums, discussion boards, blogs)
  • Content Writing
  • Banner advertising – (Affiliate Marketing)

Search Engine Optimisation is a fine art of appeasing the search engine algorithms and a website visitor at the same time and we have furnished this fine art to a number of our clients globally. Pay-Per-Click paid advertising campaigns can also be offered for your website by Parmartek Solutions, which will get you the sales at the most prime cost level.

Web Content Writing Services:

We Offer to analyse and review your existing content to make it search engine friendly as well as more readable and attractive to your website visitors.

SEO Search Engine Optimisation